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> Erik Hofman wrote:
> > John Barrett wrote:
> >
> >> I'm pretty much done with the client/server startup handshake -- ready
> >> to do
> >> the code at the peer to register active aircraft with the server
> >> (active =
> >> aircraft for which this FG peer is responsible for FDM calcs, the
> >> protocol
> >> supports the idea of multiple aircraft sharing a single server
> >> for FG instances that are primarily handling a number of AI planes on
> >> behalf
> >> of a multiplayer scenario)
> >>
> >> In the current code -- there is just the single airplane being
> >> simulated on
> >> the display ?? or where could I find a list/array of a/c that are being
> >> managed so I can register each plane with the server and have the
> >> relay updates for all of them ??
> >
> >
> > For the MultiPlayer module this is handled in the MPPlayer class located
> > in FlightGear/src/MultiPlayer/mplayer.[ch]xx
> It just occurs to me, you want simulated aircraft (with each have it's
> own FDM) instead of updating the portion every frame don't you?
> I thank that needs a bit more thought. Most FDM's are just too heavy for
> having a lot of them work together. I think we need a NULL FDM with
> autopilot support for that.

right -- I'll be stealing some code out of the src/Multiplayer re: handling
displaying remote aircraft -- just worried about multiple a/c w/fdm running
locally :)

You'll recall I mentioned the --headless option. Doing multiple FDM would be
much more reasonable if there were no OpenGL display at all -- still -- for
single player or small groups -- a fast machine should be able to handle the
display and say 2-4 AI planes (or at least I would hope that could be

In any case -- that simplifies and complicates things a bit -- but at least
I know what to do next :)

when you say "null fdm + autopilot" -- it doenst appear the null FDM is a
plane at all - wouldnt it make more sense to use the full FDM code with
scripting to drive the existing autopilot code ?? i.e. script sets desired
altitude, heading, speed, limits on pitch yaw roll rate of descent, etc
allowed during manuevers, updates the desired settings in realtime based on
positions of other planes and/or radio message traffic -- autopilot caries
out those instructions -- isolates the AI from the actual complexities of
controlling the aircraft

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