John Barrett wrote:
> In the current code -- there is just the single airplane being
> simulated on the display ?? or where could I find a list/array of a/c
> that are being managed so I can register each plane with the server
> and have the server relay updates for all of them ??

Um, isn't that the hard part?  If FlightGear was all set with a clean
interface to plug multiple animation-ready aircraft models, I dare say
someone would have plugged it in already. :)

Erik Hofman wrote:
> > For the MultiPlayer module this is handled in the MPPlayer class
> > located in FlightGear/src/MultiPlayer/mplayer.[ch]xx
> It just occurs to me, you want simulated aircraft (with each have it's
> own FDM) instead of updating the portion every frame don't you?
> I thank that needs a bit more thought. Most FDM's are just too heavy
> for having a lot of them work together. I think we need a NULL FDM
> with autopilot support for that.

Exactly.  It seems to me like we're swimming in half-finished
implementations.  What we need really isn't another one to plug into
the mess, it's someone to *finish* the whole project and (if possible)
throw out all the old junk that isn't used anymore.


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