* [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Gene Buckle) [2003.11.12 10:35]:
> code:
> static const char *
> getDateString ()
> {
>   static char buf[64];          // FIXME
>   struct tm * t = globals->get_time_params()->getGmt();
>   sprintf(buf, "%.4d-%.2d-%.2dT%.2d:%.2d:%.2d",
>           t->tm_year + 1900, t->tm_mon + 1, t->tm_mday,
>           t->tm_hour, t->tm_min, t->tm_sec);
>   return buf;
> }
> Why the FIXME in the declaration of buf?  Is there a better way of doing
> that?  Is there a buffer overrun concern or something?

We should at least be using snprintf() here.

Pardon me while I gripe a moment.  It's usually a good idea to put a
description next to a FIXME comment for precisely this reason.  It would
be a great help to people who are looking for something to do.

It's also usually a good idea to keep a constant CVS repository so we
can go back and see who added this code and if they said anything in the
cvs-commit message about what is broken.  All of the CVS history prior
to Flightgear-0.9.0 is gone.  :-/

Cameron Moore
[ I'm ashamed the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks is from Texas. ]

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