On 11/13/03 at 8:15 AM Curtis L. Olson wrote:

>John Barrett writes:
>>         on (climbrate > 100) {
>>             elevators--;
>>         }
>>         on (climbrate < 100) {
>>             elevators++;
>>         }
>Look out below (and above) which ever comes first! :-)

I used to try flying the Navion like that when I first downloaded FG.  I
never ever cleared that ridge after takeoff from P20 until I forced myself
to start pushing the stick down when I wasn't climbing enough.  Must check
and see if the Navion still works sometime - I've always thought it would
be nice to do a 3D model and a panel for it sometime as a tribute to where
we've come from.  Probably never get round to it though...

Cheers - Dave

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