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> Ok -- all you have done is state that takeoff is a procedure to be
> without defining the procedure (i.e. its hard coded and there is no
> variation from that procedure)

Actually, I don't see a need for the AI airplanes to have brakes, elevators,
flaps and such.  Our visions of AI traffic are much different.

David Culp

Very different indeed -- I'm trying to model the pilots deciscion processes
and interactions at a general level sufficient to write procedures to do
ANYTHING that can be done with a plane. Directly controlling an aircraft via
FDM just insures that the generic procedures dont exceed the performance
capabilities of a specific plane, and can be tailored to specific aircraft
when needed by overriding library procedures with aircraft specific

Equally, the script engine output could be taken at a level where there is
no FDM to control, for instance the AIPlane class, simply by defining hard
coded procedures for that specific interface that override the low level FDM
interface, and registering them with the script engine before starting a
script. (thats getting complicated, but its much more possible if I know up
front that I need to handle multiple aircraft interfaces)

Hmmm -- that actually answers the problem I was trying to solve -- the class
that interfaces the script engine to a specific aircraft class must define
what "low level" is for the engine by registering the appropriate procedures
to control the aircraft, the FDM interface would register routines to
control elevators/ailerons/rudder/etc. The AIPlane interface would register
"turnto(heading)" and other more abstract procedures, incidentally cutting
out all the lower level scripting designed to control a plane via FDM.

Therefore low level control procedures need to be defined in layers so that
implementors can pick where to hook in, and have a well defined list of
procedures that must be implemented to hook in at that level.

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