Curtis L. Olson wrote:
John Barrett writes:

And I envision a "client" that handles multiple AI aircraft on behalf of a
server thats plenty busy enuf handling message passing and other management
functionality (this "client" really it could be considered part of the
server, but so much of the code is the same compared to a client, there
really isnt a reason not to leverage the existing client code and distribute
the processing to other machines, and the same code will be in the server so
if the requirements are light enough, the server could be instancing the

Just asking questions here ... let's say that 10 people want to meet
up and fly around a particular airport, and each of those 10
interactive sessions by default generates 10 AI aircraft each to make
the skies interesting, things could get quite busy.  It seems like
you'd have to come up with some protocol to arbitrate who instantiates
and controls which aircraft distributed accross all the different
clients.  That sounds like it could get really complex in order to do
correctly with out any goof ups.  I'm not saying it can't be done,
just that it seems like this could quickly grown into an extremly
complex system.

I think he meant just one instance of FlightGear feeding the server with the AI traffic (just like it was a client, but in this case a very special one). This seems like a good approach because the AI generator could run on one, or several different machine(s).


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