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Subject: Re: [Flightgear-devel] ACScript RFC (or FGScript ??)

> > Without a scenario loaded, or a
> > connection to a server, its just you all by your lonesome (which I had
> > thought was the situation given my experience loading up FG and flying
> > around with the default settings)
> The AI already in place is little used because it's tied to one airport
> needs some generalizing.  I'm looking forward to network flying, including
> network AI, but I hope development of "local machine AI" continues, and
> it's not superceded by network AI.

Thats why I'm approaching an AI/Scripting language the way I am. So it is
useful for both net and local usage, and why I'm not so interested in doing
a stand-alone server only implementation, but rather tying into the existing
aircraft modeling system (wether that is the FDM or AIPlane model, or both
most likely). There are far too many usage scenarios to sharply delimit what
is client and what is server in my opinion.

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