On 11/13/03 at 1:48 PM John Barrett wrote:
>Why is an interactive session "by default" generating AI aircraft without
>loaded scenario to control those aircraft ?? The "server" should be
>the scenario. Having an airport spawn aircraft just because someone is
>by the airport should not be a default behavior of the simulator.
>if a client is acting as a adjunct to a server, it will need a scenario
>loaded from the command line, or provided by the server to control its
>spawning and behavior of AI planes. Without a scenario loaded, or a
>connection to a server, its just you all by your lonesome (which I had
>thought was the situation given my experience loading up FG and flying
>around with the default settings)

Um, my plan was actually to have the sim spawn appropriate random aircraft
as the user gets near, and to have each airport populated with statics
which can randomly spawn into life.  Is there anything wrong with this?

Obviously the user should be able to switch this off, and it should be
turned off automatically when the sim connects to a server.

In the long run it should also be overridable if the user wants to drop in
say a file of actual airline routes and times.  (The GA stuff should still
be random though).


Cheers - Dave

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