David Luff writes:
> Younger (still destructive) kid went to bed early the other night, so I got
> to play Lego (Duplo - the next size up bricks) with slightly older kid
> only.  My wife seemed somewhat surprised to find a tower stretching from
> floor to ceiling when she got in, held in place at the top with blue-tack.
> Apparently this isn't normal behaviour...

My 2 year old daughter got her second duplo set last Christmas
(actually before she turned two.)  Duplo's are great for towers
because the larger block size let's you build big stuff much faster.
We've made some wonderfully tall towers here, and my daughter loves to
knock them down (usually in mid-construction.)  Like you say, us
adults have to wait until after bed-time before we can get a good shot
at playing with our kids toys.

I will assert that this is normal behavior, it's just mostly everyone
else that is strange. :-)

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