On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Duncan McCreanor wrote:

> Some things that I think should be taken into consideration when creating a
> multiplayer server based on the current code are:
>  - the multiplayer code limited the number of players to ten. This was done
> because the frame rate drops as the number of multiplayer aircraft being
> rendered increases. It is highly likely that ten is too many.
>  - the number of aircraft rendered could be minimised by comparing the
> position of each player and only sending player data to/from other players
> within a player's visible range or some fixed radius.
>  - the rate the data is sent to a player should be based on the rate the data
> is received from that player by the server. The rate that a player sends and
> processes received position updates is specified on the command line, but
> limited by the frame rate. There is not much point in sending updates more
> frequently than the player is able to process them. Basically, when the
> server receives a packet from a player, it should reply with the cached
> positions of other players.
> I had one day hoped to develop a Flightgear multiplayer server along the
> lines that you're experimenting with, but couldn't find the time. So it would
> be good to see someone doing this.

I know I'm not actually involved in FlightGear development, but please
bear with me anyway :)

When it comes to multi-player flight sim, one should keep in mind the
virtual air traffic control networks out there, like
VATSIM <http://www.vatsim.net/>, IVAO <http://www.ivao.org/>, and so on.
These all have an existing server infrastructure with existing protocols.

Now, this doesn't in any way invalidate other multiplayer approaches.
But if interoperability with the above-mentioned systems were available,
that would make Flightgear an option for those who want to fly in such a
simulated controlled environment; and also open the door for flying
together with users of other sims.

> Regards,
> Duncan.

Best wishes,

// Christian Brunschen

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