Jon Berndt writes:
> > "Jon Berndt" writes:
> >
> > > Have the build process files changed at all for plib and
> > simgear? 

Not that I know of 

> > > Now, this could also be due (and is more likely to be due) to
> > changes in my
> > > **CygWin** environment, and the tools I use there.
> > >
> > > In any case, as far as plib and simgear go, I seem to be dead
> > in the water.

I jist did a cvs update and everything builds OK

Note I have both a very recent and fairly complete Cygwin 
installation,  to include X-Windows and Mingw environments so 
I doubt if it is anything the Cygwin installer did :-)

So the question is --

"What did you do to your Cygwin environment ?"


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