Yes, it fails with exit "Error: The input line is too long". I was going
to look into this a bit more but the real world is calling quite loudly
at the moment. Is there anybody who has successfully built fgfs under
mingw32? And does anybody know what I need to do to cull the UIUC and
LARCsim files from the codebase in order to reduce the input length?

Giles Robertson

PS: I can't really give you much hard data until sometime later this
week, unfortunately.

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> Giles Robertson wrote:
> > Not that I've noticed. It would be useful for mingw32. I've tried
> > building on that, and it compiles fine, but the linker fails because
> > the input is too long ;).
> The linker fails with long file lists?  That sounds odd -- this is the
> same linker used in Linux, and it's always been quite robust in my
> experience.  Are you sure you aren't simply running out of memory or
> swap?  The final fgfs link is definitely memory-intensive.
> Andy

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