On 4/22/04 at 8:49 AM Curtis L. Olson wrote:

>James Turner wrote:
>> PS - Congrats to Jon Stockhill and co on a truly excellent demo of 
>> Flightgear at this year's Linux User & Developer Expo, which I just 
>> got back from.
>I'm looking forward to the report. :-)  Sounds like you guys had a big 
>hit there, now all the Linux conventions are going to want a real 
>helicopter on display running FG. :-)

We had a fantastic time :-)  There were five of us there for the two days
and it was great to meet the others for the first time and put a face to
virtual identities.  Having the stand in a helicopter in the main hall
definately created much more of an impact than we would have had downstairs
in a booth.  There was a queue to fly for the whole of the two days - one
of the few real problems was that due to the five minutes or so it took to
get each person seated, instructed, and up, round and down a smallish
looking queue actually represented quite a long wait timewise.  It was good
to talk to everyone waiting though - almost without exception everyone was
very enthusiastic about FlightGear, although most had not tried it before.
Quite a few had flown MSFS.  Kids under 13 or so seemed to pick up flying
the chopper much faster than anyone else!  There were quite a few
fixed-wing pilots, but not many rotary pilots - the only helicopter pilot I
spoke to (I believe there was another) discovered that our model won't
autorotate.  One chap had flown in the actual helicopter on display as a
passenger many years ago.  Congrats to Jon for putting all the hard work in
organising.  I don't have a digital camera but I think the others did.  I'm
sure there'll be longer reports from all of us soon.

In summary - Fantastic :-))

James - I never saw you and didn't realise you were there - it would have
been good to have had a chat.  Next year hopefully!

Cheers - Dave

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