On Friday 23 Apr 2004 1:22 pm, Richard Bytheway wrote:
> > You can find my pictures at http://photos.stockill.org.uk/ludex2004
> I have to ask, what is img_0006.jpg (Captioned "It's evil.... but it might
> just work.....")?
It's the arrangement of two potentiometers at right angles that we then 
fastened at one end  to the helicopter deck (bottom pot, using about half a 
metre of duct tape) and at the other to a rod leading from the rotor shaft 
(twisted wire at the location marked with green and white tape around the 
aluminium L-section).
The idea was to be able to get resistances/voltages/joystick values for the X 
and Y motions of the real helicopter cyclic control.  Unfortunately, there 
was a problem with the USB on the PCs that we were lent, and although the 
construction was somewhat evil, it did not, in the end, work.

PS  I am of the opinion that this was, in retrospect, not a Bad Thing (R).  
The real cyclic control was very heavy, because the rotor had the blades 
mounted, but of course no servos.  Many of our users would have struggled 
badly.   Disappointing for Jon, though, who had put heroic efforts into the 
interface electronics.

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