I just did a bit of a performance test with FlightGear on my PC running
Windows 2000, 1.2GHz Athlon, 256 MB RAB, and 64MB GeForce 2MX400.  I did a
reboot first, made sure I had no extraneous processes running, and cranked
up FlightGear under CygWin (My desktop is 32 bit, 1024x768).  FlightGear
took a bit over a minute to come up, during which time there were NO
messages at all from the command line.  I think this is a bad thing.  There
ought to be occasional informative messages indicating the program is still
running. After showing the splash screen, it was another 20 seconds or so
until I was able to fly the C172. My initial frame rate was about 4-8 fps -
very poor. As I was taking off the frame rate evened out at about 15 fps.
I'm not sure why the performance has gotten so much worse than before.  The
first thing I'm going to check is my screen and openGL configuration. I've
installed the latest video drivers from nVidia, so maybe something got
overwritten.  Is there anything in particular I want to keep track of? I
vaguely remember a discussion about full-screen display, and I also think I
should run in 16 bit color mode, but that's different than my screen depth

I also noticed something that has been mentioned before here, that is that
the C172 engine spins the prop at 2500-2700 rpm at full speed - obviously an
FDM problem if it is one at all. I'll look into that, but any thoughts and
comments on that are also solicited.


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