On May 12, 2004 02:10 am, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Hi Ampere
> If I gave the impression that I wanted to do some or all
> of the animations that was not my intention.
> I just ran a bit of animation code to see if FG had any
> problems reading 3DS scripts and it did not.
> I put the code below into the animation file and it
> seems to work fine if that is any help to you.
> As you seem to have it well under control I will leave it
> in your capable hands.
> Cheers
> Innis

I see.

I think I will need help when I get around to do the cockpit.  I have been 
reading the read-me file in the mini-doc directory as well as some actual 
code.  So far, the process of creating the cockpit seem to be very 
complicated, not to mention confusing.

Speaking of the cockpit, is it possible to create a stand alone mesh file for 
the cockpit, or must I integrate the cockpit model into the aircraft's mesh 

> > Weird how the X-axis runs lengthwise in FlightGear, while the Y-axis runs
> > sideway.
> No, that's not weird, that's standard in aeronautical engineering!
> (with the z-axis pointing down, btw.)
> Cheers,
> -Gerhard

Oh, alright.  I was just wondering.

> > Weird how the X-axis runs lengthwise in FlightGear, while the Y-axis
> > runs sideway.
> What convention would you have chosen? :)
> Coordinate systems are like cuisines.  There's no accounting for
> taste, and you can't fix things by mixing them together.
> Andy

I thought y-axis should be the one that goes length-wise.  If x-axis running 
length-wise is the standard in engineering, then I will have to follow 
convention. =)

> On Wednesday 12 May 2004 16:20, Andy Ross wrote:
> > Mathias Fröhlich wrote:
> > > May be this 'do not use a leading slach' should also show up in that
> > > model animation HOWTO?
> >
> > Or even generate a runtime warning during parsing.  This is a really
> > easy typo to make.
> I guess both are excellent ideas. I consulted David Culp's 737 config file
> to find out why the MD11 animation didn't work initially, and I didn't even
> spot the difference in leading slash between his configuration file and the
> animation section I had just I copied from Ampere's email until Erik's
> message.
> Cheers,
> Durk

Actually, I copy that particular code directly from 
http://flightgear.org/Docs/fgfs-model-howto.html .  All I did was changing 
the values for the x, y, and z coordinates.  May be someone should go and fix 
the tutorial as soon as possible.


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