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Thanks for telling me about a possible duplication of effort. I think
Concorde has to be done in JSBsim - I can't honestly see the YASIM
solver being able to cope with 6 elevons (and the quite complicated
relationship between input and output on them, especially as this should
strictly be related to speed - on the real Concorde, outboard elevon
deflection decreases as speed increases in order to keep the thing
flyable and the airframe temperatures OK), the nose, and no horizontal tail, but if anyone thinks different, please say.

It might be interesting to hav ea fly-off . :-)

Does JSBsim handle lift generated by a vortex or a delta wing at low
speeds - and does it handle the ground effect of deflected air?

Giles Robertson

It's all coefficient-based, so if you have (or can get or determine) the relevant aero coefficients, the answer is, yes. Note that we now have a version of Digital DATCOM (Which Bill Galbraith calls DATCOM+) that puts out aero coefficient tables in JSBSim format. So perhaps I could try to set up a DATCOM input file that represents the Concorde. That would be another way to get some pretty good estimates.

I'm also trying to find a research paper featuring an SST so that we can get some good sanity-checking coefficients to compare against.


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