I wrote a patch to get simple helicopter animations to work on a slave 

I didn't look into the source too much at first - I wrote most of the patch on 
the Linux Developer expo day.

I now realise I missed something.  I think the ExternalNet.cxx file is used 
when the native protocol is used, this never calls the required routine to 
see the animations on the other computer/fgfs2.

If I use the --native-ctrls I do see the animations, but get no position 
updates for the fdm (because the netfdm isn't used).

from the looks of this we'd need to use one protocol to move the heli and 
another to animate it.  The only problem is that both call the same function 
at one point and waste cpu time - because it's really only needed the once.

Anyway all that aside I'm noticing another problem now that I got it partially 

it's like watching an old black and white movie - wheels (props) are almost 
spinning backward because the camera (hz) is not large enough.  I have Hz set 
to 30.  I can't help but think here, why do we need to handle the rotation by 
a position rather than by rpm?

What happens with fixed wing propellers in this situation?



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