Melchior FRANZ wrote:

> * Jim Wilson -- Tuesday 27 April 2004 18:41:
> > Not knowing any better, that would be my guess.  Is there a bit being
> > by the _nix drivers?  Or is this a completely unpredicatable effect of
the way
> > windows drivers work?  If not it seems like this would be a
multiplatform bug
> > in plib.
> A fix in plib would indeed be the sanest thing. But can we guarantee that
> the axis numeration is consistent within Windows? MICROS~1 has proved
> more than once that it doesn't care for things like that. And it's not
> even MICROS~1 who writes the js drivers -- it's the vendors.

Joystick axis numbering is consistant under windows. It's just that
the rules are different between Linux and Windows. Every time I
replied to users having problem with joystick, either Linux people
trying to use Windows profile or Windows people trying to use
Linux profile, it was the same thing. There was even some profiles
that switch of behavior several times because of users submitting
their fix to the problem, hence breaking someone else setup.

At the time, there was name differences that enable both profile
for the same joystick coexist, but it was for those connected to
the game port. Now with USB, the names are the same and there is
a conflict.

To recap one more time :

   axis 2 and 3 need to be exchanged
      Linux 2 == Windows 3 == rudder
      Linux 3 == Windows 2 == throttle
   axis 4 and 5 are hat on Linux and becomes 6 and 7 on Windows.
      Linux 4 == Windows 6 == left/right
      Linux 5 == Windows 7 == up/down

Just a question : what about MacOS ? do they support joysticks ?

I agree with Melchior that it is better to maintain only one
file, but we need to have something working now.
I don't agree on the way to implement it though. Why using the
n attribute to specify the axis number ? It can be there just
to identify the property, just like bindings.
I'd prefer something like :

            <mac>2</mac>   <!-- just a guess, I don't know -->
            <offset type="double">0.0</offset>
            <factor type="double">1.0</factor>
            <power type="double">2.0</power>


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