* Frederic Bouvier -- Tuesday 27 April 2004 21:03:
> No, we want to define a key differently according to the 
> language, but it is another problem. Do you want to add 
> n_french, n_spanish also ?

Not really. Hence the smiley. (Should have used ";-)" .)

> Having to modify props_io.cxx to revolve a joystick issue
> is what is hurting me at the first place.

It's a solution to the joystick problem, but it has no ties
to it. It's a generic attribute, just line "n". And just like
"n" may or may not make sense in some case (<frame-rate n="42">?),
"n_win" may or may not. Nobody forces anyone to use "n" or "n_win"
in cases where it doesn't make sense.


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