Erik Hofman said:

> Martin Spott wrote:
> >>ALSA and Arts
> > This article leads me to the assumption that OpenAL at least on Linux
> > is situated _always_ on top of the ALSA OSS emulation layer and does
> > not use the ALSA interface directly but I find it hard to believe ....
> > Why should I avoid directly using the ALSA layer with OpenAL ?
> This has nothing to do with OpenAL. This article was already written 
> before Curtis started implementing it.
> The major problem here is Arts that doesn't play nice with programs that 
> don't support Arts directly. This problem has annoyed me so much that if 
> I had to chose an desktop manager it would never be KDE until they 
> decide to stop using Art completely.
> This document is just an explanation on using FlightGear with KDE/Arts 
> enabled.

Is this still true?  I'm running KDE and can't remember the last time artsd
got in the way.  To be honest though, I don't recall what changed.  Maybe I
just turned off most of the stupid sounds in the kde apps.



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