* Frederic Bouvier -- Wednesday 28 April 2004 23:22:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > Q1:
> > Is there a policy for where to replace the old notation by the new?
> > Should it only be done where Unix and Windows actually differ (like in
> > sidewinder-precision-pro.xml), or everywhere (like in
> > wingman-extreme-digital-3d-win.xml[1]) even if that means to state
> > the same value both for unix and windows? The latter is more consistent
> > and easier to change (for newbies :-), but also more verbose.
> Ideally, the new notation should replace the old in order to 
> eliminate potential confusion. But the patch was made to be 
> compatible with existing profile : it use the node index ( the 
> n attribute ) if there is no 'number' node for the axis or button.

I know that it works both ways. Hence my question: Should we *always*
use the new notation, also in cases like this:


(real-life example from wingman-extreme-digital-3d-win.xml!) or only
where there's a difference between Linux and Windows? Or should everone
do as he likes?


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