Over the past couple of days I've been fine tuning my gentoo ebuild scripts 
for CVS SimGear and FlightGear.  Chris Horler has been great in answering my 
dumb questions about the automake and autoconf tools.

So rather than just ask Chris dumb question I thought I'd come here too ;-) 

My problem is that if I use autotools version 1.5 or 1.6 that flightgear won't 
pass configure (simgear is fine past this stage at any of those 2 versions).  
The failure comes in that automake --add-missing does not copy over 
config.sub and config.guess.  If I set WANT_AUTOMAKE to 1.7 or 1.8 then it 
preforms this process and it passes ./configure and goes to compile without 
any problems.

My question is should autogen.sh refer to newer versions of autotools or is my 
Gentoo broken in this respect (however bear in mind I've compiled over 300 
packages on this setup and not run into the problem as yet)?


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