Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:54:41 -0500, Curtis wrote in message 

>> I have added a way to position sounds in the cockpit via the 
>> <aircraft>-sound.xml file.
>> This positions a sound in "cockpit" coordinates.  -X is left, +X is 
>> right, +Y is up, -Y is down, +Z is back, -Z is forward.  This should
>> be a "right hand" coordinate system.

> Wouldn't the 3D model's coordinates be easier to use?  At least in the
> long run, when people start making everthing making noises?

I _strongly_ support Arnt's idea of 3D coordinates for the sound/noise
sources. To complete the picture I'd suggest binding the listener's ear
positions to the view direction (implemented somewhere in the viewer
mechanics in order to make it work in _every_ view that might be
invented in the future). In the long run people will want to hear the
left engine of a C310 from the _front_ when they turn the cockpit view
to the left, they will want to have a realistic noise location on a
walkaround or any other view that moves relative to the aircraft.

You could also add noise to any stationary object on the ground - not
that I'd want to make FlightGear as noisy as the real world ....

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