David Megginson said:

> Martin Spott wrote:
> > Yep, but when you're sitting in your favourite light single and you
> > turn your head over to your co (or passengers) you'll still hear most
> > of the engine noise on your left ear - even with headset applied. If
> > something hits the aircraft during flight I assume you'll still notice
> > where the crash happened (I hope it will _never_ happen ....!!) by the
> > direction the noise comes from,
> Personally, I've never noticed any sense of directional hearing while flying 
> -- the engine and wind noise seeps into the aircraft all over the place, 
> through vents, cracks in loose-fitting doors, etc. etc., and in such a small 
> cabin, everything is going to echo and come from all sides anyway.  Turning 
> my head does not seem to make a difference.

Lower frequencies especially would be hard to detect direction anyway even
without the hard surfaces.  This reminds me of the engine out protocol on
light twins,  which seems to assume that you won't hear which engine is silent.



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