Lee Elliott wrote:
> It looks like the fuel was being taken from each tank at the same rate
> instead of proportionally, depending upon their capacity, with the
> result that the external wing tanks were emptied while the other tanks
> still held plenty of fuel, and this caused the engine shutdown.

Indeed.  The proportionality feature (a hack to handle the fact that
you couldn't do tank selection in the original code) was removed with
the move to the Nasal fuel code.  Now, trying to draw fuel from an
empty tank causes an engine failure.  In real planes (with exceptions,
obviously), you have to select tanks correctly.  The proper pilot
operation in this case would have been to deselect (set the "selected"
property to false) the wing tanks before they were empty.

Obviously some aircraft will be able to draw fuel at different rates
from different tanks, but in general this capability will be more
complicated than simple proportionality.


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