Lee Elliott wrote:
> Is there a way of starting a Nasal script automatically at start-up?
> (this would help with zeroing the A-10 external tanks for the clean
> configuration)

Sure, you can put a <nasal> block at the top of a -set.xml file (next
to, not inside, the <sim> block).  Something like this:

  <a10> <!-- Module name.  The aircraft name is a good choice -->
    # Whatever Nasal code you like ...

The bo105 uses slightly different syntax to load an external .nas
file, and you can inspect
http://www.plausible.org/nasal/flightgear.html for more detail.

> I could do a script that monitors the tank levels and de-selects them
> when they're empty but I don't know how to best invoke it.

Actually, it wouldn't be hard to make this the default.  We could set
a "kill engines if empty" flag on the tank for aircraft where we
wanted stricter behavior.


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