Funny you guys should be talking about turboprop models.
I have been playing around today trying to get a allison t56
working using jsbsim's aeromatic.But for what ever reason
the RPM just seems to keep climbing from the time you start
even though I had the max prop rpm set at 1450.The prop
did not respond to throttle movement.Actually managed to
take off with the throttles set at idle.


David Megginson writes

Andy Ross wrote:

The Beech 99 is a turboprop, which means that YASim is going to
need new code to support it.  I'd be happy to write it if someone
decides they want to go that way.

Doing so would open the way to a whole bunch of other interesting turboprops, including the Beech KingAir (from which the Beech 99 evolved, I think), the DeHavilland Twin Otter and Dash-8, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, and even the single-engine Piper Meridian.

Aren't nearly all helicopters turbine-driven as well?

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