In my opinion, having vertex count exceeding 10,000 isn't that bad.  What I 
think really killing framerate are textures.

Speaking of vertex count and texture resolution, does FlightGear support 
multiple level-of-details?  (As in loading a model with more and more details 
as the object is getting closer to the camera.)


On April 30, 2004 05:36 pm, Jim Wilson wrote:
> I don't know Melchior, that one is pretty darn smooth :-).  After looking
> this model over carefully, the difference is clear to me.  There is more
> detail in the gear than in the *whole* bo105!  It is one great looking
> model and it "renders" in FlightGear at 15-20fps on my system which is low
> end hardware compared to what is available inexpensively these days.  Times
> change and vertex counts go up, just because we can.   Besides, after
> takeoff you raise that gear and close those doors and do a few other
> "tricks" and you've just recovered a bunch of ram and some frames too.
> As I said I'm not opposed to a lower res version.  It isn't necessary to
> add this model to the base package, at all.  My point was, we need an FDM
> and it is going to be a little different than your every day airliner.
> Best,
> Jim

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