However, I have been having problems with joysticks under Mac OS X.2
and X.3

Which version of plib do you use ? (not so old versions of plib report that the keyboard is the first joystick (!) with OS X.3 and in such a case, FlightGear can not see your joystick.)

Even as it is, the throttle as elevator control only seems to work for
left elevator to center -- no right elevator, but again I'm not sure if
FG is in fact using the joystick that I think it is. Perhaps because
PLIB only sees the throttle wheel in the -1 to 0 range?

No: For plib it is an axe, and the range is set to [-1, 1] by default.

BTW does PLIB support hats, js_demo shows it but doesn't seem to allow
anything on the hat to be set to a joystick value.  It's entirely
possible (even likely) that I'm doing something wrong however.  (I know
there is a PLIB list and will take it there if this is too off topic
for FG)

Hats are not implemented in plib version 1.8.x with Mac OS X.
You can grab a patch at the following url:
(this patch is not yet in the plib CVS tree, because the js.h file has been seriously changed).
You will have to recompile plib...

I have an iMac with a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick, and FlightGear runs very well in this configuration, hat included. The only problem is that when I push the hat forward I get the rear view! (I do not know if it is a bug in my patch or in FG.) To resolve this problem, simply put
<factor type="double">-1.0</factor>
in your .xml file, just below the

Olivier A.

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