I've compiled FGFS under MSYS, and have written instructions on how to do it.
It seems that there's a problem with the pthread.h library - you have to comment out 
line 167, because no config.h file exists in the folder where you install it.
You also have to rename Andy's Pthread.dll binary to PthreadGC.dll, because that's 
what the mingw build expects.
Otherwise it compiles and runs fairly painlessly.
Giles Robertson
(Apologies for HTML email but the webmail system won't allow anything else)
Compiling FlightGear under the MSYS command line environment.

Giles Robertson, 2004
Written 1/05/2004
This file is in the public domain.
Andy Ross, who a) built the binary libraries needed by hand and b) wrote up how to 
compile using mingw32 on Cygwin/Linux, both of which were essential when writing this.

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This gives instructions on how to build FlightGear under the MSYS environment. This 
was written for compiling a CVS checkout at 01/05/2004. I assume you have a fairly 
minimal knowledge of standard unix commands. You also need a working CVS client at 

1) Download MingW from www.mingw.org. (Downloads page, look for MingW-x.x.x.exe among 
the plethora of packages)

2) Install it. I installed it to C:\mingw, but one could conceivably install it 
anywhere. It isn't material.

3) Download MSYS from www.mingw.org (Downloads page again, this time look for 

4) Install that. After it has installed, it will ask to do a post install process. Let 
it. It will ask you for where you installed MingW. Give it the path you installed in 
step 2)

5) Download and install the Creative OpenAL SDK (follow link from www.openal.org)

6) Create a folder to put your fgfs sources in. I used C:\fg (under msys, this is 
/c/fg )

7) Download Plib 1.8.3 (though anything later than 1.7.0 should work) from www.plib.org

[NOTE: If FG 0.9.5 is out, you can skip the next two steps and grab the files straight 
from www.flightgear.org]
[CVS instructions are available at www.flightgear.org]

8) Checkout SimGear from cvs.simgear.org:/var/cvs/SimGear-0.3 

9) Checkout FlightGear from cvs.flightgear.org:/var/cvs/FlightGear-0.9

10) Run msys.
        mkdir /fg

    CD to the directory you have your source files in (that you made in step 6) If you 
followed step 6:

        cd /c/fg

11) Install Andy's binary libraries.
    Download http://plausible.org/andy/fgfs-mingw-libs.tar.gz to C:\fg

    Type (in MSYS)

        cd /fg
        tar xvzf /c/fg/fgfs-mingw-libs.tar.gz
        tar xvf openal.tar
        tar xvf pthread.tar
        tar xvf sdl.tar
        tar xvf zlib.tar

    Rename /fg/bin/pthread.dll to pthreadGC.dll

[NOTE: You may have to find pthread.h (in /fg/include) and comment out line 167, if 
you get a build error when building SimGear]

12) Build and Install plib

        cd /c/fg
        tar xvzf plib-1.8.3.tar.gz
        cd plib-1.8.3.tar.gz

        ./configure --prefix=/fg
        make install

13) Build and Install SimGear

[If you grabbed a tarball off the website, untar it before proceeding]

        cd /c/fg
        cd simgear

        ./configure --prefix=/fg
        make install

13) Build and Install FlightGear

[If you grabbed a tarball off the website, untar it before proceeding (and substitute 
source for your fg src directory]
[At present, we only make the /src directory as the others don't work automatically]

        cd /c/fg
        cd source

        ./configure --prefix=/fg --enable-sdl
        cd src
        make install

14) Strip the binaries

        cd /fg/bin
        strip *.exe

15) Install the base package (from CVS or the website) and tell FlightGear where it is.

16) Fly. 

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