Is there someone who can tell me about local coordinates and global coordinates.
What is the difference?
Moreover, where is exactly the point in which the collision with the ground
is treated?
I have reported down a piece of code of Yasim\Model.cpp with some questions
attached (**....**)

// Returns a unit "down" vector for the ground in out, and the // distance
from the local origin to the ground as the return value.
// So for a given position V, "dist - (V dot out)" will be the height
// AGL.   **what is height AGL?**

float Model::localGround(State* s, float* out) {
    // Get the ground's "down" vector, this can be in floats, because
    // we don't need positioning accuracy.  The direction has plenty
    // of accuracy after truncation.
    out[0] = -(float)_ground[0]; **why is it inverted?**
    out[1] = -(float)_ground[1];
    out[2] = -(float)_ground[2];
    Math::vmul33(s->orient, out, out);

    // The distance from the ground to the Aircraft's origin:
    ** what is the meaning of this operation, what is _ground[3]?**
    double dist = (s->pos[0]*_ground[0]
                   + s->pos[1]*_ground[1]
                   + s->pos[2]*_ground[2] - _ground[3]);

    return (float)dist;

    // Get a ground plane in local coordinates.  The first three
    // elements are the normal vector (**where is the origin of this vector?**),
the final one is the distance
    // from the local origin along that vector to the ground plane
    // (negative for objects "above" the ground) **Why negative?**
    float ground[4];
    ground[3] = localGround(s, ground);
    float alt = Math::abs(ground[3]);

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