Is there someone who can tell me about local coordinates and global coordinates.
What is the difference?

I have reported down a piece of code of Yasim\Model.cpp with some questions
attached (**....**)

// Returns a unit "down" vector for the ground in out, and the // distance
from the local origin to the ground as the return value.
// So for a given position V, "dist - (V dot out)" will be the height
// AGL.   **what is height AGL?**

float Model::localGround(State* s, float* out) {
    // Get the ground's "down" vector, this can be in floats, because
    // we don't need positioning accuracy.  The direction has plenty
    // of accuracy after truncation.
    out[0] = -(float)_ground[0]; **why is it inverted?**
    out[1] = -(float)_ground[1];
    out[2] = -(float)_ground[2];
    Math::vmul33(s->orient, out, out);

    // The distance from the ground to the Aircraft's origin:
    ** what is the meaning of this operation, what is _ground[3]?**
    double dist = (s->pos[0]*_ground[0]
                   + s->pos[1]*_ground[1]
                   + s->pos[2]*_ground[2] - _ground[3]);

    return (float)dist;

    // Get a ground plane in local coordinates.  The first three
    // elements are the normal vector (**where is the origin of this vector?**),
the final one is the distance
    // from the local origin along that vector to the ground plane
    // (negative for objects "above" the ground) **Why negative?**
    float ground[4];
    ground[3] = localGround(s, ground);
    float alt = Math::abs(ground[3]);

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