On Wednesday 05 May 2004 06:17, Seamus Thomas Carroll wrote:
> To test if a problem resides with the cesna autopilot i tested
> using "Add Waypoint" and instead of the autopilot guiding the plane to the
> waypoint it just flys in cirlces until it spirals into the ground.
> This autopilot with the cesna did work correctly that last time I tried
> it a couple of weeks ago.  Has someone changed cesna autopilot config file
> to cause this incorrect behaviour?

The default Cessna (--aircraft=c172-3d  and c172-2dpanel) have changed 
autopilot from the generic to a KAP140 autopilot. A new instrument has been 
added to the cockpit and this should be visible below the ADF radio. The 
KAP140 does not have a route manager so consequently you can not define a 
route for it to fly. For instructions on how to operate the KAP140 you should 
download the Pilot Guide from the Bendix/King website.

>  Is it a problem with the set up on my
> end?

You can of course edit your *set.xml file to change the autopilot back to the 

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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