ima.sudonim wrote:
Axis 0: Ailerons (-0.5 to +0.4)
Axis 1: Elevator (-0.5 to +0.5)
Axis 2: Throttle (-1 to +0.0)

These three all indicate what appears to be a calibration error. By convention, all axes have always reported between -1 and 1.

At present, plib does not read parameters, such as min values, max values, ... from the joystick. It simply assumes that min = -1 and max = +1 (with Mac OS X). So if the joystick report values in a range that is not [-1,1], there is a calibration error.
Luckily, you can 'correct' this (mis)behavior in the xml file that defines the joystick you are using...

Olivier A.

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