On Thursday 06 May 2004 04:11, Seamus Thomas Carroll wrote:
> Are there plans to add a route manager to the KAP140?

I guess that a reasonable setup for a light aircraft like the C172 would be to 
have a GPS as the route manager. Currently, the FlightGear GPS module only 
handles two waypoints to calclulate a leg between the two. You would have to 
manually change the waypoints, or maybe use a Nasal script to change them 

The KAP140 (and I guess most autopilots) have no notion of route or waypoint. 
It only tries to fly the aircraft based on turn rate, heading bug, course 
deviation indicator, static pressure (altitude), pressure change rate 
(vertical speed) and glideslope deviation indicator. Of course the deviations 
could come from the GPS module instead of from the nav radio module to get 
the aircraft to fly to the GPS waypoint(s). That would require a change in 
the autopilot config file to make the controllers get input from the GPS.

>  If not what
> property do I change to use the generic autopilot?  I have tried different
> changing values in different xml files but with no success.

To change autopilot config file of any aircraft look in the *-set.xml file for 
the aircraft. The entry for the C172 is around line 40:


I guess you have to restart FlightGear for the change to take effect.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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