Looking a the pictures it looks to me like you are still using two sided polygons (that's why the ailerons and such are a lot brighter than the rest, you've got the normals inverted).

To render a model really fast in FlightGear it would be best to use only one sided polygons (although is rare circumstances I myself do use two sided polygons, but I always keep it at a minimum).

Here is an update:
Current polycount ~4400:

2 Ailerons, 4 flaps, and 5 spoilers:

40 blades for each fan:

Ouch, I would set a *very* close LOD range to this (30 meters or so) and then switch to a textures disk ..

The exterior is basically done. All there left to do are the winglets, then I will upload it to my server. You can probably get it by tomorrow night.

The cockpit, landing gear wells and the textures will take a while to do; plus the fact that this is my first time doing model for FlightGear, it will probably be a good idea to put this model in game for now so we can sort out any problems that may arise. We can worry about eye candy later.

Well, so far it looks really nice.


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