Josh Babcock wrote:
I got tired of chasing around errors in my animation file causing segfaults when I mess around with a .ac file, so I dusted off the old Perl Cookbook and wrote this:

Nothing like posting something to gaurantee that you find some bugs. Here it is again, also anyone feel free to put this in CVS if you want.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# Quick & dirty script to find booboos in FlightGear animation files
# May 2004 Joshua Babcock [EMAIL PROTECTED]

use strict;

if ( $#ARGV != 1 ) {
    print "Usage: $0 <xml file> <ac3d file>\n";

my %Objects;
my %References;
my $Key;
my $Object;
my $Num;
my $First;
my $ObjCount=0;
my $CheckForm=1;

# Put whatever you want in here to check for poorly formatted object names.
sub CheckForm {
    my $Bad=0;
    $_[0] !~ /^[A-Z].*/ && ($Bad=1);
    $_[0] =~ /\W/ && ($Bad=1);
    print "$_[0] poorly formatted\n" if $Bad;

# Make a hash of all the object names in the AC3D file.
open (AC3D, $ARGV[1]) or die "Could not open $ARGV[1]";
while (<AC3D>) {
    /^name \"(.*)\"/ && ($Objects{$1}+=1);
close AC3D;

# Check for duplicates and proper format.
foreach $Key (keys %Objects) {
    print "$Objects{$Key} instances of $1\n" if ($Objects{$Key}>1);
    &CheckForm($Key) if $CheckForm;
print "$ObjCount objects found.\n\n";

# Make a hash of objects in the XML file that do not reference an object in the AC3D file.
open (XML, $ARGV[0]) or die "Could not open $ARGV[0]";
while (<XML>) {
$1 ? ($Object=$1) : ($Object='');
if (! exists($Objects{$Object})) {
# voodoo, "Perl Cookbook", p140
push( @{$References{$Object}}, $.);
close XML;

# List all the bad referencees.
foreach $Key (keys %References) {
    print "Non-existant object $Key at line";
    print "s" if (scalar( @{$References{$Key}}) > 1);
    print ":";
    foreach $Num (@{$References{$Key}}) {
        $First ? ($First=0) : (print ",");
        print " $Num"
    print "\n";

exit 0;

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