Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > Today's cvs: On loading the dc3 flightgear just hangs some time
> > after the sound init.  The p51d hangs (no more display updates)
> > when you switch to an external view.  I'm doing a poll to see if
> > anyone else is getting this, before I come back to it later this
> > weekend.
> That's due to Fred's changes in animation.cxx:502. in the
> non-_use_personality if-branch _total_duration_sec is not
> instantiated and may be zero. This leads to a beeping endless loop.

Yeah, I can duplicate the issue too after an update.  That diagnosis
looks correct to me.  It's not completely clear to me what the loop in
question is supposed to do.  Fred?


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