Jim Wilson wrote

> I can see a difference,  but it is still broken.  No matter 
> what the setting, now the engine RPM is either way to high or 
> way to low.
> It'd be great if someone else could look at the P51D fdm.  
> I'm lost.  Flight dynamics is neither my area of expertise or 
> interest.  The only reason I did it in the first place is I 
> had a 3D model that Jon supposedly had a JSBsim config for 
> that never materialized.
> In short, the major issues are with the propeller rpm (as 
> Vivian noted) and probably more significant, the thing still 
> flies like it has the glide ration of a 30m soaring plane.  
> Any help is appreciated.

Jim, it's a super model, and deserves to fly well. Once we get the Merlin
sorted for the Spitfire, we should be able to fix up the p51d. It's a bit
hard to separate the various effects at the moment.



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