This is the response I receieved from Reg Urschler on the question about the
top speed of the P51-D.  (His is the name that is painted on the cockpit
bubble's rim of our P51-D 3D model).

Unfortunately this doesn't really answer the question, but actually I think
that the link I posted yesterday answered it fairly well:

Without nitpicking I think it is fair to say that we should easily be seeing
400mph with 50% fuel at 25,000 ft.  If we could get there and have reasonable
stall behavior at the same time...we'd be pretty far ahead.


Jim Wilson

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> Jim:
> Nice to hear from you and the status of the simulator. Hopefulkly you have
shared the current status with Terran, whose help to us is most appreciated.
> The 'official" tech data on the P-51D according to the pilot's
handbook...and other verifiable the max sustained speed is/was
437 MPH at 25,000 feet and the "red-line" speed in the pilot's handbook was/is
505 MPH. I have no idea under what conditions the sustained speed was
established, however the numbers are official. 
> I also have a close relationship with WW II pilot's of the 55th Fighter
Group in whose colors (343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group)we have
restored the Gunfighter, who tell me they have exceeded the 505 limitation
unintentionally in combat conditions and when realizing it through vibration,
stiff controls etc., they immediately made a power reduction. In response to
my "any damage to the airframe" question, the answer was "we may have popped a
few rivets, but we flew the airplanes again.
> Hope this helps. I hope to look at your web site when I return from this
trip. Perhaps Terran can brief me when we meet this Thursday.
> Kind regards,
> Reg
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> > From: "Jim Wilson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Date: 2004/05/18 Tue PM 08:51:48 EDT
> > To: "The Gunfighter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Subject: gunfighter simulator
> > 
> > Hello Reg,
> > 
> > It has been a year or better since I first contacted you regarding the model
> > of "The Gunfighter" in the FlightGear simulator.   What we've done so far can
> > now be downloaded from the web site (click on the
> > download program link).  No question that your help and Terran's photos really
> > made a difference.
> > 
> > We've run into an item of some debate in fine tuning the program that actually
> > models the flight charcteristics for the P51-D.  We all know the reputation of
> > this great bird.  But my question is will it actually cruise at 437 mph?  I
> > assume you probably aren't "pushing your luck" with the Gunfighter,  but can
> > you give us an opinion what it really can do?
> > 
> > Many Thanks,
> > 
> > Jim Wilson
> > 
> > 

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