Hi.  I should probably be asking this in atlas-devel, but at first
glance it looks pretty dead there; and I'm guessing someone here
has encountered this, or can easily.

I recently built Atlas from CVS (that took some work, but that's a
different conversation).  I then set about generating maps, using
the philosophy outlined on the Atlas website -- some 1024x1024
images for highres, and 64x64 images for lowres.  See the bottom


under "Map Resolutions."  The maps generated fine; looking at the
.png's in an image viewer, they all look gorgeous.  But using them
in Atlas, I encounter trouble.  As near as I can tell, Atlas is
incapable of rendering 1024x1024 .png images.  Here's what I find.

1.  if image files for a location are not present, Atlas shows
the airports and navaids on top of a light blue background (sensible,
since the standard FlightGear assumption is that missing scenery is
water).  The same is true if the needed files are present, but are
*not* .pngs (e.g. I just copy some random file in and give it an
appropriate name, so that Atlas can try to load it and fail).

2.  if the image files for a location *are* present, but are
1024x1024, Atlas shows an off-white background, with the airports/
navaids on top of that.

3.  if I zoom out until I cross the highres/lowres threshhold of
1:1000000, Atlas tells me it's moving to the low-resolution maps,
and *bingo*, I have maps as a background.

4.  if I regenerate the low-resolution maps at a higher resolution,
I get the same result as #3, UP TO the low-resolution maps having
a size of 512x512.  If I make the low-resolution maps at 1024x1024,
run Atlas, and zoom out to where the low-resolution maps should be
used, I have an off-white background.

So it seems that 1024x1024 files are the problem.  Does anyone else
see this with a current Atlas from CVS?  Any suggestions on what I
can do to fix this?  Obviously since the webpage was written as it
was, it was intended that making and using 1024x1024 .png files be
possible.  What can I do to make this work?

Thanks for advice,


P.S.  Oddly, when *making* the 1024x1024 images, Map is able to
display them just fine.  It's only when Atlas tries to do so that
problems occur.

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