Jon Berndt wrote:

Thanks, David. There are a couple of things I can think of to do, here. One is that I 
wish I had time to make a DATCOM model of the C-172 that could give me some aero data 
comparison. But with my schedule now I can't make any promises, but I will get to this
someday! The second comment is that it ought to be possible to get some real numbers 
you pretty quickly from comparable aircraft. I think I can do that tonight or tomorrow.
Third, there are some equations that ought to shed some light on things. Fourth, it 
be interesting to see if pilot perceptions suggest altering all/most coefficients in 
same direction for all aircraft in order to give the perception of proper flight

That is a tricky issue, because using spring-loaded controllers gives a significantly different feel than fully-loaded aircraft controls, and there is always a danger of altering the flight characteristics to compensate for the control differences.

To try to avoid that problem this time, I tried to concentrate on rates (how fast the plane could bank, pitch, and yaw), coupling (how much adverse yaw a particular bank causes and how much bank a particular yaw causes), and recovery (how the plane recovers from a yaw or pitch disturbance). I deliberately ignored control feel. The model I posted seems a lot closer to what I remember of the 172 and what I observe in my PA-28, but unfortunately, I do not currently have measurements to test it against.

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