David Megginson wrote:

I'm under a serious spam attack from an infected computer of someone on the list. Here is where the spam is originating:


Many of the spams are arriving with Curt's e-mail address spoofed on them, and unfortunately, baron.me.umn.edu seems happy to relay them for the infected computer. In fact, baron is relaying *all* of the spam, even the stuff return addresses like [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Going on the defensive here. mail.flightgear.org is *not* an open relay. It only accepts mail for addresses @flightgear.org. It does *not* accept email from an arbitrary location and forward to any other arbitrary location.

The big problem is that these viruses can leverage the user's address book to spoof plausible to/from addresses and they get lucky far too often.

The spammers/viruses are nearly making email useless.... :-(

I average receiving a new spam mesage about every 5 minutes.


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