I hope not to be late with my suggestions for the upcoming FG newsletter.

"Higher, Faster, Farther. But Simulated". 
I think this reflects what FG is all about: aviation and simulation

Size & Format & Frequency:

Looking at JSBSim newsletter, I think that's pretty cool: 4 pages (no more) in 
US Letter or A4 size, and released quarterly (4 issues per year is quite a 
number, specially to prepare it).
One thing I'll add to the .PDF downloadable file, is another .PDF file with two 
pages (A3 size) in order to be able to print only one A3 sheet and then fold it 
to have a real newsletter in just one piece (not two separated sheets like 
JSBSim right know)

Sections & Contents:
1. A definitive main section per issue, as the "In Depth" from JSBSim.
2. Upcoming Events, about aviation and/or simulation events, shows, congress, 
fairs during the issue's quarter
3. Hardware Corner, a place to review gadgets, joysticks, video cards, etc. 
thier performance and the way to make them work with FG
4. Technology matters, a revision of some item about simulation technology 
(i.e. weather, traffic control, FDM, etc.).
5. Who's who, an interview/bio with one guy at a time from the people involved 
with the project. Their experiences with FG, their motivations, contributions, 
6. Software tricks, tips and techniques about programming, related libraries, 
how to compile FG under certain platform, etc.

Well, although with no much spare time, I'll try to help with the newsletter 
somehow. Just my 5 cents. 

Regards, Pablo.

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