David Luff wrote:

I'm not entirely sure where the acceptable number of segments / amount of
detail trade-off will end up.  Jon Stockill has done some very detailed UK
military layouts with hundreds of segments to show all the dispersal areas,
but I don't think he's submitted them yet.  So far the airports I have done

You told me to wait for the X-Plane export in the next version :-)

haven't had more than about 100 segments, less than some of the default
ones.  I deliberately avoided KSQL after seeing the massive extra aprons on
the aerial photos!  Hopefully what is acceptable to Robin in terms of
number of segments vs. detail vs. accuracy will become more clear after I
get some X-Plane export filters in and users start submitting in a format
he can accept.

It won't be too hard to simplify my stuff if he decides there's too much detail there.

Of course.  I only say the default airports because then the changes can be
easily shown to everyone, by having them committed to CVS.  I hope that
eventually people will start making detailled representations of their
local areas available, in a similar manner to MSFS scenery designers.

That's my plan - the taxiways just seemed like a good place to start. I've got a reasonable representation of a t2 hangar now too, and will be working on a c type when I have a few more details, so I can start populating airfields with buildings.

Jon Stockill

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