On Friday 21 May 2004 06:01, Seamus Thomas Carroll wrote:
> Thanks Roy,
> I looked at the post and it is dated the day i left so i must have missed
> it.  I would like the autopilot to adjust to new waypoints faster but I do
> not know how to make the plane turn quicker using the generic autopilot.
> Looking at the documentation i am guessing i need to modify the u_min and
> u_max but after modifying the heading bug hold i am not noticing and
> improvements.
> Does anyone have a hint?

AFAIKT the waypoint mode is tied to the true heading hold mode. What you can 
do is to modify the u_min and u_max around line 137 in generic-autopilot.xml 
to allow the autopilot to command a greater bank angle say 40 degrees instead 
of the current 20 degrees. But this might cause the autopilot to overshoot 
more or even become unstable. Remember: controller tuning is an art ;-)

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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