* Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Friday 21 May 2004 23:26:
> This @() function proved to be very powerfull and it made creating scales very 
> easy.

I changed this to a unary operator #. So one can now write #10 and metapost will
replace this by the angle that represents the scale value of 10% RPM.

> I can see this function modified to create non-linear scales  
> (exponential, logaritmic ...), scales that go counter-clockwise ...

Yeah. I uploaded a new version that contains a weird ASI with non-linear mapper #n.
Looks strange. No idea what they had in mind. (BTW: the fact that it doesn't look
like a circle is an optical illusion. It *is* a circle. :-)

  http://members.aon.at/mfranz/asi.png  (24kB)


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