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No. It can be heard from within the cabin also.
But there is an effect that steps in at higher angles of attack, I'm just not sure how it really should sound like (I thought the current effect was quite close) and how to achieve that effect correctly.

I'm not sure if what I'm hearing right now is an OpenAL library problem or a FlightGear problem, but it does not sound much like an airplane. The sound of a plane from inside the cabin is a very low, loud rumbling (or even roaring) sound -- it varies greatly by power, and very little (at least, I've never noticed) by angle of attack. On a plane with a constant speed propeller, the noise is much louder (and slightly higher-pitched) at high RPM.

From the outside, the noise seems higher pitched than it does inside the cabin.

If the sound is heard in unusual situations, then that's because of a bug in the FDM. For one thing, I've heard someone say it is also there when parked on the ground. Obviously there should be no high alpha at such situations.

When you're parked on the ground, alpha can be just about anything, but since the relative wind is usually light to none, it doesn't matter much.

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