On 5/24/04 at 10:44 AM David Megginson wrote:
>I'm not sure if what I'm hearing right now is an OpenAL library problem or
>FlightGear problem, but it does not sound much like an airplane.  The
>of a plane from inside the cabin is a very low, loud rumbling (or even 
>roaring) sound -- it varies greatly by power, and very little (at least, 
>I've never noticed) by angle of attack.  On a plane with a constant speed 
>propeller, the noise is much louder (and slightly higher-pitched) at high
> From the outside, the noise seems higher pitched than it does inside the
>> If the sound is heard in unusual situations, then that's because of a 
>> bug in the FDM. For one thing, I've heard someone say it is also there 
>> when parked on the ground. Obviously there should be no high alpha at 
>> such situations.
>When you're parked on the ground, alpha can be just about anything, but 
>since the relative wind is usually light to none, it doesn't matter much.

On a related note, I believe you had problems with hearing the ATIS voice
due to low volume previously.  Do you still have this problem post-OpenAL,
or can you hear it OK now?

Cheers - Dave

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